Map of Japan, one of my favourites from my latest project; Block maps.The rough shapes of countries are formed out of overlayed squares and rectangles and then rendered in the bold bright colours of the respective country’s flag. The capital city and the country are handwritten over the top in the native language*. The project isn’t finished yet, I still have most of Africa, the US and Canada and a bit of the middle east to do. Everywhere I have done to date can be found here

Maps are available to buy as prints and can be adapted/personalised to some extent, if you wanted a different city highlighting for example. please contact me for sizes/prices etc.

* The names of cities and countries and the characters they use has been researched exclusively using google translate so apologies for any errors that are almost certainly in some of them. I must also apologise for my handwriting when it comes to unfamiliar alphabets and characters.

I was lucky enough to have a design accepted for the Jersey Gorilla trail in the summer. My design, Dia De La Extinción (Day of the extinct) was a Mexican Day of the Dead inspired design decorated with the traditional skulls, hearts flowers as well as featuring several endangered animals from Durrell zoo. The auction was last week and my gorilla sold for a massive £18,000! Many thanks to whoever bought him.

Thanks again to Jonathan Bowcott for the great pictures